E3111 - Build failes


I face strange problems with lastest FUSE Version (0.9.8 5700). Unfortunately some are hard to reproduce but now I get one with this very simple project:

<App Background="#333">
  module.exports = {
    exportedSymbol: "Hello, rest of the world!"
    <StatusBarBackground Dock="Top"/>
    <BottomBarBackground Dock="Bottom"/>

It gives the error: . . ./Test.g.uno(12,24): E3111: ‘FUSE’ does not contain type or namespace ‘Reactive’. Could you be missing a package reference?

This happened in a larger project, and I cutted off everything to eliminate the issue, and it is still there for this small code.

Sorry, if I do something very stupid? The error message does not help me to correct the issue.

BTW: Is there a simple way to copy/paste error messages, so far I type them :frowning:

Ok, forgive me. I am stupid!

For whatever reason the project file was not correct and missing the Reactive package.

So, please close this.

And I should stop to play around night & day . . .