Adding a relative path to Includes in the unoproj seems to mangle

If I have a unoproj containing this:

  "Packages": [
         "Fuse.BasicTheme",  ],
  "Includes": [

When the package builds the relative js file fails:

Generating code and data

/Users/dave/code/fappscaffold/src/App/App.unoproj: E0000: File '/Users/dave/code/fappscaffold/src/App/_modules/fable-core/commonjs.js' does not exist
/Users/dave/code/fappscaffold/src/App/App.unoproj(1,1): Error E0000: 
File '/Users/dave/code/fappscaffold/src/App/_modules/fable-core/commonjs.js' does not exist

This is with the latest preview 0.20.2 (6513)

Is there any work arounds for this?

Cheers Dave.

Hey Dave,

can you try this on the official release build (6524) and let me know how it goes?

Hi Jake, yeah it still happens witht he official release 6524, Im going to modify my structure as I dont think Fuse likes the path going beyond the root folder.

Hmm even when I restructure I need to use a relative path to a file in a node_modules folder, the build process is clipping this at the underscore each time.

Project file: FuseSample.unoproj
Search paths: /Applications/, /usr/local/share/uno/Packages
add _modules/fable-core/commonjs.js (Bundle)
add MainView.ux (UX)
add js/Library1.js (Bundle)
add js/Types.js (Bundle)
add js/fable_external/Apis-740185389.js (Bundle)
add js/fable_external/Observable-1849012845.js (Bundle)
add js/fable_external/PromiseExt-382502984.js (Bundle)

Heres my Includes section:

  "Includes": [

And heres a gist of my tree:

Sorry for delay. We will need to do some testing and get back to you.

This should work in some of the latest versions of Fuse.