Preview crashes after a few JS errors

After unreferenced js variable errors, the preview shows a typical error screen and on restart it works as usual. This is totally as expected. But after this happen a few times(4 or 5 times), the error in the image has been occuring lately. Also quite often this error is followed by OutOfMemory exception too. And the only solution is to rebuild the app all over again.

FuseVersion: 0.23.0

OS: Windows 10

Do you have a small reproducable test case?

It happens with any and every project for me. Only occasionally though. In no particular pattern I’d say. With the latest version 0.24, the frequency of occurence seems to be reduced. Have just happened 3-4 times in past 2 days.

This is the happening to me too and the same way.

I think there is something wrong with the dependency zips that are downloaded when you first build a project (if they are out of date).

Still sounds a bit strange, especially when it’s so common. I’ve never been able to reproduce this. Which version(s) of Fuse are you guys seeing this with? Are you on Windows or OS X? Any additional info?