Preview IP Problem

When there are network changes Fuse “Host” Service doesn’t update the IP internally so when deploying the preview app doesn’t work. Event manually setting the IP in the preview app doesn’t find the Fuse host service…
Easiest solution: restart computer.
More complex solution: close fuse, find fuse service and kill it, deploy new preview app.

Nice to have: some “/release ip config” button in Fuse service or some IP polling if there’s no easy way to “listen” to network changes.


You shouldn’t have to manually kill any Fuse processes, just closing it from the Tray (Windows) / Menu Bar (OS X) should be enough. If some Fuse processes don’t get shut down by this, can you please let us know which, as well as your Fuse and OS versions?

Great, as soon as it happens to me again I’ll let you know, thanks!