Preparing app for play store

I have come to the point where I want to upload my application to google play store. (I have created an account and paid). This is the first time ever I make an application and I am kind of stuck now.

EDIT: Ignore step 1 and 2. Was automatically solved when I added version number to my .unoproj

  1. Ok. So I need to sign the app. What should I change Alias, AliasPassword, Store and StorePassword into? What is their function? (It did work, but I want to know what I should change these four lines into)

  2. I needed to zipalign the apk. I found some documentation on google and managed to fix it. No idea what I did though.

  3. It wants me to set a version number. I only find documentation for Android Studio, but nothing for Fuse. So this is my main problem now and also if I have done something wrong in 1. and 2.

I found the solution in the documentation. Thought I had searched good enough.


Henrik: happy to hear it worked out. Feel free to post the link to the relevant pieces of documentation you found/used, so other users can find it via this thread as well :slight_smile:

maybe you could show your code how you set up your app for google play

Add the following lines to your .unoproj:

  "Version": "1.0.0",
  "VersionCode": 1

Each time you change Version, increase the value VersionCode.

I mean show me how to set up everything, including signing app.

Ignore step 1 and 2. It was automatically solved when I included version in my .unoproj

Cool, will try, will you show your app ? Any link ?

I don’t have any link to share at the moment. It needs some more work.