Different key on sign apk

when i builded android release version of apk with uno build command, of course it makes signature of this my apk package with any default generated key… then i have uploaded this apk to google store and i registered it like the new application … now, after time i make any changes in my app … and i will make new (upgrade) version of this apk, also with uno build command, also with default sign of apk, but in uploading in the store i get error message that is signed with different key … what can i do with this ? why is now this key different ?

Hi Donald,

have you followed the signing steps? You have to set up a keystore and configure it it .unproj.

No, because I do not have experience with that. I hoped, that the fusetools it will correctly automatically managed on the build process.

There are a few steps that need to be done according to platform guidelines. Android APK needs to be signed, and we have done our best to make it as easy as possible, and even provided the commands you need to run to set up the keystore, as described in the signing article I shared: https://www.fusetools.com/docs/preview-and-export/signing#android

Since this configuration only has to be done once for a project, I hope you won’t find that too difficult.

Yes and thank you. Now is it not problem regenerate it and set correctly in my project file, but big issue is, that my application is already registered on Google Play and was published. So now is not possible release new upgrade of my app and also is not possible make new registration of my app with same name. And i can not name it differently, because i have already registered domains, certificates etc.

Yes, the only solution to this problem is to first correctly set up the keystore, and then create a new app on Play store. You will obviously need to use a different app name and bundle identifier. I spent a while reading what the internet had to say about this, and sadly there is no other solution.

You might want to read the official docs on signing too, for future reference.