Permanently change bundle identifier iOS

Is there a way I can permanently change the bundle identifier for a project. If I change it in xcode, it get overwritten the next time I preview or build the app. Prefferbly I would like to change the prefix ‘’ to something unique of myself.

To add to this, I am interested in specifying the supported orientations (ex. Landscape only).

Maybe there’s a complete .unoproj template we can use to pick what we need?


The orientation can be set in the project file using:

    "Mobile": {
        "Orientations": "Portrait"

I have noticed this works for the local preview, but it is not carried over to xcode’s target configuration.

Hmm… that is strange. I added above to my project and in xcode the Device orientation is set to Portrait and Upside Down, as you would expect.

As for orientations, there was a bug in a previous version of Fuse causing this information to not be carried over. Have you tried with the latest version of Fuse? At the time of writing, that’s 0.9.6.

Haven’t checked the latest version. Will do, thanks. Now let’s get back to Paul’s question :slight_smile: I still think a reference config file would be nice.

I’m trying to get hold of someone who will be able to give Paul a good answer.

Here is an unoproj reference:

Hi Paul,

There is unfortunately no way to override this in the current version. We’ll add a new project property to control this in Fuse 0.9.7 or 0.9.8.

Hopefully you’re able to live with a few more days :slight_smile:

Has support for setting the bundle ID been released? This would be very nice!

Yes, this is now possible. See here.