.unoproj: Thank you FuseTeam!

Thank you soo much for the 0.24 update. IT IS AWESOME :slight_smile:

"Android": {
"Package": "com.example.fuse",
"PreviewPackage": "com.example.fuse.preview"
"iOS": {
"BundleIdentifier": "com.example.fuse",
"PreviewBundleIdentifier": "com.example.fuse.preview"

Is it possible to pass more parameters to xcode?


"Device Orientation": {
    "Portrait": "true",
    "Upside Down": "true",
    "Landscape Left": "false",
    "Landscape Right": "false"

Thank you all!



All the available parameters should be listed in the docs for Uno Projects (.unoproj)

Hey Blade!

Iā€™m happy to hear that! :smiley:

Do these settings not do what you want?

Perfect, thank you soo much!!!