Changing Application Name

Hello, I am actually about to start a project with Fuse after my complete run through of the Hikr development tutorial.

As probably with the other’s dilemma, I am struggling in giving my project a name though I am actually ready to work on my prototype. I wanna work on the development and just later on rename the boiler plate name that I will give my app.

In creating a Fuse Project, an app name is required. My question is, can I later on rename the application? Would there be other things to consider in doing this like problems?

Sorry for the newbie question, this quite hinders me now.

Thank you everyone!

Hi Armand,

as long as it concerns Fuse build process, changing app name at any point is as easy as modifying the "Name" property in your .unoproj file.

Not Fuse-related, but still related: when you create your app in Play Store / App Store, the name you put there (and the bundle identifier) might not be editable later. Make up your mind before you go there.

Hope this helps!

Thank you very much for your response! This helps me and I hope the others would be as well :slight_smile:

Regards to the team. Your doing great!