Different App for preview and build

Please make the build app and the preview app different. If I have a build version on my phone I don’t want it to get replaced when fuse preview is runned.

There are times I want to show someone what I’m working on via the build version and when I’m when developing I don’t want to have to redownload the preview build and vice versa.

Good idea! I’ve added a ticket to get this done at some point. I can’t promise you a date though.

Perfect thanks, I did talk to Jake about this on slack, so not sure if he already made a ticket. Not sure how you guys handle that but just incase their’s a duplicate or something.

Thanks for the heads up! :slight_smile:

If you’re not afraid of using some undocumented functions, and hacking in the core of Fuselibs, this is already possible.

Copy /usr/local/share/uno/Packages/UnoCore/0.26.9/Targets/CPlusPlus/iOS/@(Project.Name)/@(Project.Name)-Info.plist to project-Info.plist in your project.

Change this line:

<string>@(@(Project.iOS.BundleIdentifier || 'com.uno.@(Project.Name)'):QIdentifier)</string>

To this:

#if @(Configuration:Equals('Preview'))
    <string>@(@(Project.iOS.BundleIdentifier || 'com.uno.@(Project.Name)'):QIdentifier)</string>

And add this in a .uxl file. (I call it Preview.uxl):

<Extensions Backend="CPlusPlus" Condition="iOS">
    <ProcessFile Name="project-Info.plist" TargetName="@(Project.Name)/@(Project.Name)-Info.plist" />


Thanks, but nah I rather not right now, and plus I can’t find my project-Info.plist file, plus not sure how this works won’t this be override with new releases or every build etc?

I rather just wait till this is done, I’m sure it won’t take long