path to logs shown in Monitor

Here’s a General / How-To / Feature suggestion post.

Running into disk space issues now and then after having done a lot of debugging and live-reloading the app, especially when doing that with 3 sources (emulator, iPhone and Android) generating the log data shown in Fuse Monitor.

Would like to know:

  • where Fuse stores that log information (Mac/Win);
  • would it be safe to delete it from there;
  • could we have an option to “clear logs” in Fuse Monitor?

That data you see in the Monitor is kept in memory only, and does not consume space on your disk.

What can take up a lot of space in your Fuse apps is however the build folder in your projects. This can be safely deleted at any time, either manually or by doing uno clean.

Thanks Anders, clear.

I’ve noticed that closing restarting the Monitor does not always clear all of the logs and sometimes a device pops up back into it, scrolling text like crazy. Killing everything fuse-related seems to help though.

Would be nice to have a “clear logs” option in Monitor.

I agree. The issue is a bit more involved that what it appears to be on the surface, due to how events work internally in Fuse. We’re aware of the issue though, we just haven’t been able to prioritise fixing it yet.