Fuse (beta) release 0.37

Fuse 0.37 is out!


  • Fuse libraries have reached version 1.0! (Fanfare!)
  • Brand new unified user interface!
    • Smoother UX editing experience thanks to less reifying of the preview
    • Locate in editor
    • Rebuild without closing preview
    • Improved error reporting for device preview
  • New vector API for drawing curves, shapes, and simple vector images.
  • ux:Test for unit testing
  • Lots of bug fixes & improvements.

There is a lot more however, so download and read the full change log at https://www.fusetools.com/downloads/

Where did the monitor go?
My console.log - where does the output go now ?

It’s in the same window as the preview, but you have to deactivate the Compact View.

I can just see “Log view” below the preview. (I’m doing preview on a android device).

Where is monitor supposed to be ?

The monitor is now called the log view. If you miss the old functionality where the output is grouped by device: this feature will be back in a few weeks.

I figured it out :slight_smile:
I see that console.log is displayed here.
While you are grouping output by device again. Can you then pls add an option to put timestamp on the log messages. Sometimes it is nessesary to see when stuff is logged.

Fuse.MaterialDesign Not Working on this version!!!
But Work on 0.36.1 normally!!!
I’m a Windows PC user !

terje: I’ve noted your request, but I’m not sure we’ll get to it in a little while as we have a lot to do right now. (The grouping feature is already done)

ghostgzt: Can you please file an issue on that repository? While Fuse.MaterialDesign is made by someone who works at Fuse, it’s not an official Fuse package.