`Path` isn't rendering in exported view

I have a simple component that renders out QR code using SVG <Path/>.

This works perfectly when running in preview mode (locally & on device), but it shows nothing when I export that view and embed it in a native app (tested only on iOS so far).

I am attaching isolated component:

On a side note, when I mark view for export using <ExportedView/> + ux:Class property on a <Panel/> (as in attached), I am loosing ability to preview locally, so I have to keep adding/removing those bits whenever I want to switch between local testing and embedded testing. Documentation doesn’t provide answers/hints, am I missing some tricks there?

If necessary, I can provide iOS test project too (however, it doesn’t do anything unusual!)

I created issue ticket.

As for your side-note about having to change stuff while testing, the same thing was discussed here

The key part is this:

		<!-- I use this to flag my exports -->
			<FilesView ux:Template="fw"/>

		<!-- And here I test my stuff at dev / design-time -->
		<FilesView />

Thanks for the tips, I’ll definitely going to give it a try!

In the meantime, is there anything I could do to help debug that issue and push things forward?

I figured out I could draw QR code from square blocks, but using SVG would feel definitely less hacky!