Fuse-open Package Manager (fpm)

Was thinking that it would be cool to have one of these, just sayin.

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There’s already a package manager in Fuse, based on NuGet. It’s used for the built-in uno and fuselibs-packages.

It should be possible for 3rd parties to publish their own packages, and such package streams currently needs to be added via a .unoconfig-file. We don’t provide a pre-approved community package stream, although it would certainly be possible to do so.

A big bummer about the current package manager implementation, is that it doesn’t do any sort of version-resolving. So the users currently need to maintain lock-files (these are the uno.packages and fuselibs.packages-files that Fuse Studio currently ships with). If someone implements version resolving, we can get rid of this package seeding, and uno / fuselibs can ship independently of Fuse Studio.

Ah see, yeah, how bout we create a new one like npm? :grin:

Well, I guess there’s multiple options. We can fix up the built-in package manager to do package-resolving, and set up some community feed (that could for instance be optionally enabled in the installer). Or there’s solutions like this.

I lean towards the first option, but would obviously need a lot of help with that :slight_smile:


I think that when people mention npm, what they really think of is package repository first, and package management second. Only few will be excited about dependency management :slight_smile:

I imagine most of the people coming from JS background will be judging Fuse by it’s 3rd party lib ecosystem, and right now lots of good projects is not so easy to discover.

I’ll try to mock up a package directory concept over coming weekend

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