Nested PageControl

Long story short, I want to nest a PageControl Within another so that when I get to the last page of the child PageControl it will continue on to the next page of the parent PageControl.

Reason for this is I am making a nested navigation much like the navigation for Snapchat’s “Memories” Screen. The Nested navigation I am looking to achieve can be found in the “Camera Roll” page inside of “Memories.”

If anyone has any Suggestions they would be greatly appreciated!!

That sounds like a somewhat complex navigation structure. What have you tried so far, and did you have any success? Could you show some code?

You could look into using SwipeNavigate together with a Navigator instead of a PageControl, since that would give you more control over the navigation.

as of now this is my code

The nested Page control works but the only way to get to the next page in the parent is to swipe outside of the child.

I have not yet worked with SwipeNavigation, let me give that a shot.
Thank you for the quick reply BTW, you guys rock!

This clearly won’t be possible with plain PageControls, so investigate the other options suggested.

Let us know how it goes (with code), and we might be able to offer more advice once you make some progress.