NavigateTo Page inside PageControl


I have several page sets like below.

<LinearNavigation ux:Name="_mainNavigation"  Easing="CubicInOut" />

<PageControl ux:Name="Calculation">
  <Page ux:Name="CalcMain" Background="#FFF"> 
     <ux:Include File="MainEdgeNavigator.ux" />
  <Page ux:Name="History" Background="#3498db">
     <ux:Include File="HistoryEdgeNavigator.ux" />

<PageControl ux:Name="Settings">
. . .

Navigation to the Main Page works, e.g.

<NavigateTo Target="Calculation" NavigationContext="_mainNavigation" />

But it is not possible to jump to History with

<NavigateTo Target="History" NavigationContext="_mainNavigation" />

It crashes with message ‘Fuse.Controls.Page’ already has a parent. I tried Direct Navigation, but then it jumps to empty pages.

Is there any way to get this working?