Activate parent PageControl swipegesture of child PageControl when done swiping

If I swipe to the left on subpage1 it doesn’t do anything, how do I trigger the gesture of the parent PageControl and switch to page1:

    <Page ux:Name="page1"></Page>
    <Page ux:Name="page2">
            <Page ux:Name="subpage1"></Page>

Bump, is this now possible or always been. Does anyone have a solution to this?

You have to decide which PageControl has interaction and put Interaction="None" on the other one.

I’ve been misunderstood, what I mean is let’s say we use the example

Now imagine in one of the pages I have a image gallery that I swipe in the child PageControl I want it that when I swipe on the last image it swipes the parent PageControl` and moves to the next page

Do you mean that if I swiped on direction it would swipe the parent control, but if I swipe the other direction it would swipe the local pages still? Basically, when you reach the end of the child list you’d just keep swiping into the parent list.

There’s no way to achieve that now. I’m however working on improving the swiping gestures to allow more manual control of how it ties to navigation. I can’t promise this scenario will work yet, but it should get you closer.