DetailsPage Navigation from PageControl

Hi all, new comer here, had a small question on the PageControl.
I wanted to disable the DetailsPage when swiping through the navigation PageContol and enable it once a want to view details on an clicked item in the HomePage.

<PageControl ux:Name="navigation" Padding="10">
	<HomePage ux:Name="page1">
			<Each Items="{items}">
				<Item Click="{navigateToDetails}" />
	<FavouritePage ux:Name="page2" />
	<SearchPage ux:Name="page3" />
	<DetailsPage ux:Name="detailsPage" />

Once navigated into the DetailsPage I should be able to navigate back to the HomePage.

You may wish to use Navigator instead, as PageControl is strictly for a linear set of pages.

Thanks that helped alot.

To fix it I changed the MainView.ux to have two pages. One page for the app content (AppPage) and the other for the Details (DetailsPage). In the MainView.ux I used the Navigator for page navigation and inside AppPage I used PageControl where it hosts the HomePage, FavouritePage and SearchPage.