My custom rendernode's properties aren't available in preview

Here’s the basics of my custom rendering. I need to have the Frustum and Entitys Transform3D in my custom RenderNode.

The setup is like this:

<App Theme="Basic" Background="#eeeeeeff">


        <!-- some ui elements on top it -->

      <Scene Camera="CameraEntity">

          <Entity ux:Name="CameraEntity">
              <Frustum FovDegrees="120" ZNear="10" ZFar="10000" ux:Name="CameraFrustum" />
              <Transform3D Position="0, 0, 0" RotationDegrees="0, 0, 0" Scaling="1, 1, 1" ux:Name="CameraTransform" />

          <MyRenderNode ux:Name="MyRenderNode" CameraFrustum="CameraFrustum" CameraTransform="CameraTransform" />



And MyRenderNode is:

<RenderNode ux:Class="MyRenderNode" ux:AutoCtor="false">


And its class contains

public Frustum CameraFrustum {get;set;}
public Transform3D CameraTransform {get;set;}

But compiler gives when trying to use the preview:

'MyRenderNode' does not have a property called 'CameraFrustum' - MainView.ux(12:1):E

'MyRenderNode' does not have a property called 'CameraTransform' - MainView.ux(12:1):E

Errors were encountered while building the project - (0:0):E

It works just fine when building to DotNetExe with

fuse build --target=DotNetExe --run

What’s wrong here?

Here’s the project for you to test.

Please don’t forget this.

Hey, please see this post

It explains how you can use custom controls in preview, and limitations. Feel free to ask questions if any.

I also fixed your posted project so that it works in preview using my above guide :slight_smile:


Run fuse preview RenderNode/Startup to test. You can use that as an example on how to setup a project that can preview custom controls.