Custom element properties issue

Hi! I just started Fuse and I’m having some trouble with a custom element I made. This is my custom element

 <StackPanel ux:Class="CustomTextEdit" Label="A label" IsPassword="false" InputHeight="45" InputWidth="250">
  <string ux:Property="Label" />
  <float ux:Property="InputHeight" />
  <float ux:Property="InputWidth" />
  <bool ux:Property="IsPassword" />
  <Text Font="Century" LineSpacing="3" TextAlignment="Center" TextColor="#fff" Value="{Property this.Label}"/>
  <Rectangle Fill="#fff" CornerRadius="7" Margin="5, 5, 5, 5" Height="30" Width="70%">
    <TextEdit Font="Century" IsPassword="{Property this.IsPassword}" TextAlignment="Center" TextColor="#615c5b" Alignment="VerticalCenter"/>

The problem is: when I use my custom properties InputHeight and InputWidth on my Rectangle’s Height and/or Width as follows:

<Rectangle Fill="#fff" CornerRadius="7" Margin="5, 5, 5, 5" Height=“{Property this.InputHeight}”…>

I get the following error on the preview: sequence contains no elements

I tried every types from float to float4, double and even string :stuck_out_tongue: But nothing works.

Thank you for reporting this! I’ve raised a ticket and we’ll get back to you when we know more.