Drawing 3D in Fuse

This is related to https://www.fusetools.com/community/forums/bug_reports/my_custom_rendernodes_properties_arent_available_i?page=1#post-edd8202f-abf4-4aa4-a625-4d8ce3a098cc

I want to draw 3D graphics with Uno, but it’s like crawling on poisoned lava rocks in salt rain while getting whipped by insurance sales men these days. I have tried to use the “separate project for rendernode”-trick, but with current version it only works with DotNetExe build, which already works without the trick… anyway, what could be wrong here? (Project files : www.apexvj.com/upload/RenderNode.rar )

I have a project for RenderNode containing:

<RenderNode ux:Class="MyRenderNode" ux:AutoCtor="false">


And a class

using Uno;
using Fuse;
using Fuse.Entities;
using Fuse.Drawing.Primitives;

public partial class MyRenderNode
    public Frustum CameraFrustum {get;set;}
    public Transform3D CameraTransform {get;set;}

    public MyRenderNode()

    protected override void OnDraw(Fuse.DrawContext dc)
        debug_log "draw draw";

        var CamAngle = (float)Fuse.Time.FrameTime;

        CameraFrustum.FovRadians = Math.PIf/3f;
        CameraTransform.Position = float3(80f  Math.Sin(CamAngle), 0, 80f  Math.Cos(CamAngle));
        CameraTransform.LookAt(float3(0,0,0), float3(0,1,0));

        draw DefaultShading, Cube {

            DiffuseColor : float3(1,0,0);




Then in project that should be able to compile all this:

<App Theme="Basic" Background="#00FF00ff">


    <Scene Camera="CameraEntity">

        <Entity ux:Name="CameraEntity">
            <Frustum FovDegrees="120" ZNear="10" ZFar="10000" ux:Name="CameraFrustum" />
            <Transform3D Position="0, 0, 0" RotationDegrees="0, 0, 0" Scaling="1, 1, 1" ux:Name="CameraTransform" />

        <MyRenderNode ux:Name="MyRenderNode" CameraFrustum="CameraFrustum" CameraTransform="CameraTransform" />



And in project file :

"Projects": [

I’m looking into the problem now and will try to come up with a solution soon.

Thanks :slight_smile:

eda-qa found some oddnes with infinite values or something causing the viewport to be messed up, he’s on the case :slight_smile: Thanks for the patience!

Any luck with this one yet?