Open URL on browser

Hi, how can i open a URL to the browser, i following the tutorial from news but i dont know how to open the links to to the browser.

Someone have a good example to follow up?


Hey there!

If I understand it correctly, you want to start the browser at a specified URL, is that correct? If so, try launchUri from the InterApp module.

Thanks this is what im looking for do you have an example how i can call an url dynamic ? i have a list of news, and i want to open the detail of the new of each news.


The URLs are just strings so there’s nothing special to handle there. If you have one URL per news element then you simply just pass that specific url when clicking your element.

You are right, this url fusejs/interapp dont show the UX method but i found it digging more in the forums thanks again.


Could you share how you managed to open an url to browser? And I don’t mean using the webview, but opening it to device browser.

Simo, in my experience it’s as simple as:

  1. Add Fuse.Launcher to your .unoproj file in Packages
  2. Require InterApp in your JS file: var InterApp = require("FuseJS/InterApp");
  3. Launch the URI you need, when you need it: InterApp.launchUri('');