MinVersion 16 support new fusesdk

i want realsed my project with new sdk.is this support android 4.4?
i declared “MinVersion” as 16 in uno project. one my customer using andoid 4.4

SDK": {
“BuildToolsVersion”: “28.0.3”,
“CompileVersion”: 28,
“MinVersion”: 16,
“TargetVersion”: 28
“Architectures”: {
“Release”: [“armeabi-v7a”, “arm64-v8a”]

please help me.

Yeah, last time I check Fuse is supported on Android KitKat. The info is here. I’ve got my App running on Jellybean, as long as the hardware supports OpenGL 2.1 later I think it will run.

Here the more info about what is Android minVersion, compleVersion, targetVersion : https://medium.com/androiddevelopers/picking-your-compilesdkversion-minsdkversion-targetsdkversion-a098a0341ebd

Thank you very much :slight_smile: