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64 bit error when releasing an Android app

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to publish an app made in Fuse to Google Play. But when I try to it complains that it needs a 64 bit version of the app. How can you create a 64 bit version of the app?

Thanks in advance! I really need this, so if someone can help me it would be great!

You need to upgrade your Uno to at least v1.12 for support 64bit, and v1.13 to support Android App Bundle or aab. The easiest way to upgrade is to run npm install -g fuse-sdk. And then setup your unoproj just like in this example: https://github.com/fuse-open/uno/pull/186

Hi! Thanks! I tried the command. After executing that command it still is on version 1.10. I am using Fuse Studio with it. Plus I’m on a Mac. Is there something I need to do differently?

Maybe this article will help you: https://medium.com/@mortendanielfornes/introducing-fuse-sdk-890180044c13

You can setup the fuse-sdk on local per your project too as it’s state in the article