Material.DrawerPanel stop to work with Fuse 1.0.0

Hello Folks,

I noticed the Material.DrawerPanel stopped to work with the new Fuse 1.0.0

As far i know the problem are related with ux:Ref, if i remove the dependency and add plain code it work.

Fuse version 1.0.0 (build 13426)

Uno version 1.0.11 (build 5362)

OS X 10.12.5 i386 7cd79e2


Hi Diego,

I created a ticket on the target repo:


Thanks for reporting. This is due to a bug in Fuse 1.0.0.

The bug has been fixed in the open source version of Fuse, so you can use this branch:

The fix will also roll out in the next hotfix release of Fuse

Thanks a lot guys!