Material Design Elements

Hey, Here is my public repository for material design elements in fuse ( Feel free to use and if you have something you can contribute

Cool stuff!

PS: I took the liberty of moving your thread to our Show and Tell forum. :slight_smile:

Bent Stamnes wrote:

Cool stuff!

PS: I took the liberty of moving your thread to our Show and Tell forum. :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: My Bad for posting in General :slight_smile:

this is some really great stuff! Would be great to see some more of this premade native stuff re-made natively in fuse.

Thanks a lot!

Nice work!

@Fudge, what do you mean re-made natively in Fuse? As in shipped with Fuse by default? If this were distributed as a package with our upcoming package manager, would that be basically the same thing?

Well i just started with this. Needs a lot of work to be a good package. I will give my best. I am hoping for contribution :slight_smile:

I have made some changes… The elements are “more” re-usable plus added some more :slight_smile:

Hi Bojan,

This is awesome! I was thinking in something similar and came across with your post today.

Already created a fork and i will start contributing.


@Jake sorry for the late reply,

Wether it’s shipped natively or by a package manager is irrelevant as long is it “fits into” the typical best practices and workflow of fuse, I say that while thinking of navigation, stuff like tab bars, nav bars and things that transition between screens, so that it works without too many changes. These ones are really good, because they’re pretty much identical to the natives, and work really nicely.

It’d be even cooler if I could do something like: <NativeStyle.Button ... /> This button would display as the correct iOS or Android button depending on the platform, but it is not an actual native button that requires the native view, it’s a button that I can still layer with other non-native buttons. Components like the one OP has made make that possible.

@Fudge yeah, I think this package is a good fit for what you’re after (and for where it isn’t, you have full ability to contribute!). I still don’t think it should necessarily be re-made by the Fuse team (perhaps I’m still misunderstanding what you mean), as community-based packages have just as much potential to be awesome as the ones we make, and I’d love to see this one flourish :slight_smile:

Hi Bojan, nice work!