Markdown Element

Have you guys thought of making a MarkDown UI element:

<MarkDown File=""></MarkDown>

Which would render the markdown of

and perhaps it could have a bunch of children markup to decide how what each type looks:

<MarkDown File="">
  <Header1 Color="#000" />
  <Header2 Color="#111" />
  <Header1 Color="#222" />
  <Header1 Color="#333" />
  <Option Color="#000" />
  <Link Color="#00f" />
  ... // etc

We think that markup flavours is something that should be customizable, so we try to build a more general solution. First step is to get rich text control done. When we have that working, we might add the possibility to use converters to build stuff like MD support.

First step is to get rich text control done

I’m confused what are you guys working on? Like what’s missing with Text?

One example is that you can’t have a small part of your text in italic or bold.