MapView isn´t working at andoird

Since fuse 0.37 and even now with Fuse 1 I´m not able to preview a map on any android device.
What´s wrong?

Here is my code

		<MapView Latitude="59.911567" Longitude="10.741030" Zoom="10">
			<MapMarker Latitude="59.911567" Longitude="10.741030" Label="Fuse HQ"/>

And here is mi unoproj file

  "Packages": [
  "Includes": [
  "Android": {
   	"Geo": {
   	  "ApiKey": "AIzaSyBkjNHPXJJ......"

Hi leozdim,

the code seems to be alright, and the key appears to be alright too. So it must be something else.

Have you tried running fuse preview -tandroid -v from the Terminal / CMD to see if there are any meaningful errors thrown? The API key might not be enabled for Geo requests, as an example.