MapView initialize in fuse app

Hello everyone! I am begginer in fuse and mobile development. I develop my first application using fuse. It is real fantastik tool! I want to inicialize map in my app. In my project file i put this:
“Packages”: [
“Includes”: [
“Android”: {
“Geo”: {
“ApiKey”: “my_key”
In the area where map should show I put this code:
Page ux:Class=“Location”
Router ux:Dependency=“router”
JavaScript File=“SettingsDetails.js”
MapView Latitude=“59.911567” Longitude=“10.741030” Zoom=“10”
MapMarker Latitude=“59.911567” Longitude=“10.741030” Label=“Fuse HQ”

But instead map i see MapView requires a mobile target. What should i do to see map in fuse tool?

Hello Dedli, welcome to Fuse Community.

MapView is a Native Component, so it won’t be visible using Desktop Preview, you have to run it directly on the device. More info here on how you can preview your app on the device.

And don’t forget you have to wrap the MapView component inside NativeViewHost Tag

Thanks a lot for your time!