MapView not working anymore

I’m trying to use MapView.
I tried it in my own project and it failed.
I just created a bare new project and call it TestMapView.
I choose Example Project in Fuse and replace all the content of MainView.ux with :

            <MapView Latitude="59.911567" Longitude="10.741030" Zoom="10">
                <MapMarker Latitude="59.911567" Longitude="10.741030" Label="Fuse HQ"/>

The build failed with error E8001:

/Users/louisdecharson/Desktop/testMapView/TestMapView/MainView.ux(4): E8001: Data type not found: MapView

/Users/louisdecharson/Desktop/testMapView/TestMapView/MainView.ux(4): E8001: Could not resolve type 'MapView'

Fuse version 0.27.0 (build 7900)
Operating system version : OS X 10.11.4

You have to add a reference to “Fuse.Maps” in your .unoproj for the MapView to work. (Our docs are currently stating that it’s only required for Android, which is incorrect. I’ll make sure this is fixed).

Also: please be aware that MapView, as a native component, will only work on iOS and Android, not in local preview. You have more information on this here

Thanks !
It’s working fine :).