MapMarker always showed centered in the map instead of at the exact location

So I have this mapview with a mapview and a mapmarker, each around the same latitude and longitude which are linked to obervables. The coordinates are acquired via a webservice.
When I open my app in the iOS simulator or on my actual phone with a full build I can see the mapmarker perfectly centered on the exact location within that mapview, however when I start moving the app, the mapmarker stays centered in the mapview and thus does not show the corresponding location anymore. Any help would be great!

<Panel Background="#999" Y="120" Height="160">
            <MapView Latitude="{gpsLat}" Longitude="{gpsLong}" Zoom="15" AllowTilt="false" AllowZoom="false" AllowRotate="false">
                <MapMarker Latitude="{gpsLat}" Longitude="{gpsLong}" Label="{gpsName}"/>

I’m on Fuse version 0.31.2 (build 9180) on OSX 10.11.6.
Tested it with iOS 9.3 simulators and an iPhone 6 running on iOS 10.2