Map marker moves when I drag the map!

In this example if I drag the map the Marker moves! Don’t stay in Latitude=“59.9115776” Longitude=“10.7369095”! When I release the finger the marker move to the center of the map (I test it on Android only)

Mac OSX High Sierra - Fuse 1.8.1 15610

   <MapView Height="250" Width="100%" Margin="-15,5" Latitude="59.9115776" Longitude="10.7369095" Zoom="15">
         <MapMarker Latitude="59.9115776" Longitude="10.7369095" />


Which Android version you are using? I have tried on Nexus 5 with Android 6.0, MapMarker stays in its place.

I try with a Samsung S8 and S8+

I had the same strange behaviour but realised it was because I used the same Observable pair(1 for latitude, 1 for longitude) for the MapView and the MapMarker, you can solve this by using a separate pair for each component.