MapView MyLocation Marker

Fuse version 0.35.0 (build 10867) on OSX / iOS Preview & Build
When I scroll in the mapview, icons changes their iconfiles independently.
At the same time my location marker chanes with other markers’s iconfiles.



 <MapView ux:Name="nativeMap" Latitude="{latMap}" LocationTapped="{hideMarkerIOS}" MarkerTapped="{onMarkerTappedIOS}" Longitude="{lonMap}" AllowZoom="True" ShowMyLocation="true" ShowMyLocationButton="true" AllowRotate="True" ShowCompass="True" Zoom="13" >
	<Each Items="{markers}">
		<MapMarker Latitude="{latitude}" Longitude="{longitude}" Label="{label}" IconFile="{image}" /> 

Screen Captures;

See also - same issues.

And this one:

Thank you everyone posting these issues. It took a little longer to fix than it should have in these high-crunch times, so we appreciate your patience. A fix has been submitted and should make it into a release soon alongside other MapView improvements; Watch those changelogs :slight_smile: