MacBook Pro which version should I buy for editing?

Currently, I’m looking for a suggestion to purchase my new laptop. I have already checked out some good devices from the Apple MacBook series, but I’m confused about which one I should take. I can’t make any decision yet, because I don’t have enough knowledge in this area. Below I have included what specs I should have on my new laptop and the editing software lists, Which I want to use without lag or any issues. Please check and suggest to me the best one.

Spec’s Requirements:

Processor: Apple M1 or M1 Pro

Display: FHD or XDR

Storage: At least 1 TB

RAM: At least 16 GB

Graphics: 8-core / 16-core GPU

Software lists:
Photoshop (latest version)
Gravit Designer
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Avid Media Composer
HitFilm Express

Is this site providing MacBook Pro m1 legal price, caused I have faced some issues with our country reseller; they’re asking too much price than the official price. Should I take from this site, I am also seeking this advice.

I don’t know why my previous post was not published. hope this time, I will get my best suggestion from fusetools community.