Which Apple MacBook Air should I buy for my graphics design work?

Right now, I’m seeking for suggestions on where to purchase a new Macbook Air laptop. I’ve already checked a lot of model for Macbook series.

but I’m not sure which one I should choose first. I haven’t made a decision yet because I lack sufficient knowledge on this subject.

The specifications for my laptop are provided here, along with a list of Software’s. Which I’d like to run on my device without any latency and smoothly.

Review and provide the finest choice for me, please.

Configuration that I want:

Processor Apple M1 or M2

Display FHD

Storage 1 TB / 512GB SSD


Graphics 8-core / 16-core GPU

These are the software’s I would like to run on my laptop:


Photoshop (latest version)


Gravit Designer

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Avid Media Composer

Does this website provide the apple official price? The distributor in our nation was making unreasonable financial demands from us, which caused me some issues.

I want to know if I should buy something from this website.


I’ve already commented on other Apple MacBook forums but I haven’t received any helpful advice regarding this price.

So I’m hoping The Fuse Community will give me their finest advice. I appreciate you and also thanks in advance.