Length Property on SwipeGesture is being ignored?

I’m using the <SwipeGesture Length="100" ...> and changing the values up and down even to 0 and it doesn’t change effect at all

Can you provide a code example? The Length propery refers to how far the swiping gesture “moves”, it is primarily relevant for the SwipingAnimation trigger.

The user has to also swipe past half this distnace to activate the gesture. However, there is also a velocity based trigger. If the user simply swipes fast enough, even if it doesn’t cover many pixels, the gesture will be activated.

However, there is also a velocity based trigger.

Is there a way to alter/specify this? If that doesn’t work I’ll try to reproduce a small example

There is no way to configure the velocity based aspect at the moment. I can add a feature request for that, but if you have a use-case it would help to understand how that feature should look.