Is SwipeEnds no longer supported?

Hello, everybody!

I am trying to achieve the feeling of resistance when navigate beyond the last page in sequence. I never used it before, but SwipeEnds parameter in SwipeNavigate sounds like what I want. This is citation from old documentation:


Can have the values Closed, Open and Short.

Closed means that when one reaches the first or last page, one cannot swipe further. Open means that when one reaches the first or last page, one can swipe further as much as is possible. This does not mean that its possible to navigate to an undefined Page however. Short acts similarly to Open except that one can only swipe a a short distance beyond the first or last page.

My problem is when I wrote
<SwipeNavigate SwipeDirection="Left" SwipeEnds="Short" />
I got error

‘SwipeNavigate’ does not have a property called ‘SwipeEnds’

What I am doin wrong? Or may be this feature no longer supported?
Thank you!

This was modified several releases ago to provide a more consistent configuration for animation and navigation. The option essentially moved to the NavigationMotion class, used for example as:

   <NavigationMotion Overflow="Elastic"/>
   <SwipeNavigate SwipeDirection="Left"/>

Thanks! You are great.
Love your product!