SwipeNavigation Distance Swiped

I’m trying to animate the rotation of a logo based on the distance swiped by the user. Is there anything available(or workarounds) that returns the distance swiped?(Pref in percentage).

What is the user swiping? If it is a ScrollViewer you could use the ScrollRange trigger to attach the amount of scrolling to the rotation of the logo.

We don’t expose a general purpose “swipe” gesture at the moment. If you could further explain your use-case I could look at other possibilities.

The user is swiping Page’s within a Panel that holds a LinearNavigation with SwipeNavigate.


The basic idea is to get the distance the user has swiped on the current page, and use this to apply rotation on the logo. I couldn’t find anything exposed in LinearNavigation or SwipeNavigate that returns anything usable.

This was solved by updating to 2577 and using PageControl, PhysicsProperty(Now Attractor) and Activating/Exit(Now ActivatingAnimation/ExitingAnimation).

Example I got from Kristian:


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