Build ux from javascript or load from server

Hi Fuse,

We have a use case that based on user preferences and editions of our product we want to build the ui of our mobile app dynamically.
I was wondering if it is possible to generate ux markup from javascript or load the ux xml from the server?

Thanks in advanced.

Hi Richard,

As the UX markup is compiled to native code when you export your app it’s not possible to do what you describe. (The ability to modify UX on-the-fly in preview mode comes at the cost of performance and a much larger storage / memory footprint and is only really suited for previewing). We have some ideas relating to post-deployment UX updates but that’s still a bit into the future.

Your best option right now would be to design a data-driven UI that adapts / scales with the data you pass it, rather than generating new versions of it.