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iOS Statusbar: not showing icons

I rebuilt my app after two years for iOS using Fuse X 2.0 beta 10.

With the recent Fuse improvements now it’s possible to set the statusbar background color so I added the code:

    <SetStatusBarUI Style="Light" Color="#C40008" IsVisible="true" />

in Android 6.0, 7.0 and 11.0 it works correctly (red background and white icons), in iOS 12.5.2 (iPhone 5S) the statusbar background is not set to red but it’s still white and the icons, set to Light are not visible, only the battery icon is visible:

If I set Style="Dark" the icons are visible (because now are black) but the statusbar background is always white and not red as wanted. In XCode Status bar style is Default.

I don’t understand if I may set the color of the statusbar in iOS or it is simply not possible, and if in iOS I have to use always Style="Dark" to make the icons visible.

In the previous version of the app I used the following lines are these still useful?

<Android.StatusBarConfig Color="#000000" IsVisible="True" /> 
<iOS.StatusBarConfig Style="Light" Animation="Slide" IsVisible="True" />

Thank you for pointing it out, Yeah on iOS it still missing the implementation for changing the background color of the Status Bar.

The developer docs on the Apple website there is no mention on how to do that, and we’ll have to do a workaround to achieve it and unfortunately, we hadn’t found it (at the time when we created the SetStatusBarUI trigger action). But I’ll try to look at it again and finishing it.

In the meantime, You can still change the StatusBar color by creating a DockPanel and add a StatusBarBackground panel inside of it and dock it to the top. And then change/set the Background property of StatusBarBackground when page Activated. for reference : StatusBarBackground Class - Fuse Documentation

By the way, to the last code you mention, Yes it is still useful if you want to set statically and doesn’t want to change StatusBar style of example if a page change

Thank you for the prompt answer. After many tempatives I did not manage to set the background color.

I tried like this but it did not change anything:

<DockPanel Dock="Top">
        <StatusBarBackground Dock="Top" Background="#C40008" />

If I remove

    <SetStatusBarUI Style="Dark" Color="#C40008" IsVisible="true" />

Icons are not visible, so this line must be kept and Style must be Dark.

Don’t worry I will wait for any update. At the moment the status bar may stay white with dark icons.