Can i change text color in Android.StatusBarConfig?

I couldn’t find option about changing text color in Android.StatusBarConfig.
For changing text color, have to I control uno?


The StatusBarConfig does not currently support changing the text color. You can probably achieve this using foreign code in Uno.

I’ve raised a ticket to have this added, but can’t make any guarantees on when it will be added. If you are familiar with Java, it shouldn’t be too hard to add with foreign code though.

Any idea when this will be added to Fuse now? Definitely in need of this feature. Should be a part of the standard framework.

I’m not sure if there actually exists an API for explicitly setting the status bar text color on Android?
Are you thinking of the android:windowLightStatusBar setting that was introduced in api level 23?

I looking for the possibility to set android icons on status bar and nav menus if they are virtual - to dark or light at least. As with your iOS settings.

Ok, that sounds like windowLightStatusBar then. We can take a look at adding support for it but right now it’s not a very high priority.

If you need it right away (and for the entire app) then you could edit the styles.xml exported from Fuse, before initiating the final Android build. It’s not elegant and you have to do it per export but hopefully it’s ok as a stopgap solution.

Ok. That’s one way to do it, but not the best way with build scripts and can easily be forgotten.

I believe this is a core feature actually and hopefully you can bump it up. With a light background on status bar the icons are “invisible”. We are then stuck with dark background or manual editing on styles.xml.

Is it not an easy way to set it from Uno? So it can be a part of the build?

It’s a hack but it works:

Use like this <AndroidStatusBarHack IsLight="true" />

Note that IsLight="true" corresponds to View.SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_LIGHT_STATUS_BAR in Android. In other words you say that the status bar itself is light and thus you want the darker text.
You can of course freely use the code to define a better API. :slight_smile:

Has this issue gotten any attention at all? This is still an important feature.

@wgbrickner Remi’s hack was working. But that hack has limit when you want to use statusbar dynamical color as I remember.