Changing the StatusBar colour?

Is there any way to change the background colour of the status bar, particularly on Android?


There is on iOS:

<iOS.StatusBarConfig Style="Light" />

There is no equivalent API on Android (yet). Android doesn’t really have a unified way of styling the status bar (pre-Lollipop).

Just an update to this, the current solution on iOS is as follows:

<iOS.StatusBarConfig Style="Light" IsVisible="true" />

You can even add an animation to how the status bar changes and bind it to an UX property, like this:

<iOS.StatusBarConfig ux:Name="statusBarConfig" Style="Light" IsVisible="true" Animation="Slide" />

Be sure to include “Fuse.iOS” in your .unoproj file for this to work.

Edit (20th of January 2016): “Fuse.Native” is now “Fuse.iOS”