iOS Startscreen support

I didn’t found a documentation about defining custom startscreens for iOS. It’s “documented” for iOS icons. So probably it’s already supported but not described. If it’s not yet supported are there plans to extend the project file?


You’re right, this seems to be missing from our docs.

iOS launch images can be defined in your unoproj like this:

  "iOS": {
    "LaunchImages": {
      "iPhone_Portrait_2x": "...",   // 640x960
      "iPhone_Portrait_R4": "...",   // 640x1136
      "iPhone_Portrait_R47": "...",  // 750x1334
      "iPhone_Portrait_R55": "...",  // 1242x2208
      "iPhone_Landscape_R55": "...", // 2208x1242
      "iPad_Portrait_1x": "...",     // 768x1024
      "iPad_Portrait_2x": "...",     // 1536x2048
      "iPad_Landscape_1x": "...",    // 1024x768
      "iPad_Landscape_2x": "..."     // 2048x1536

This is indeed missing from documentation. As off-topic, do you plan to open the documentation so the community can help you guys on this matter?

There are a lot of projects that put their documentation on GH so the community can help!

As a matter of fact, we have done that! :slight_smile:

wow great to know! :smiley: I will be checking and will do what I can to help! Thanks!