How to full screen my app on iPhone X

I want my app to cover the whole surface of my screen on iPhone X.
To make it simple, I’ve just run the most basic sample we can make :

    <Panel Background="#AABBCC">
        <Text>I want this text to be displayed on the top part of the screen.</Text>

Here is the result I get and I don’t want :

The expected result should be to get the grey part to cover the whole screen.
How can I do this ?
Thank you!

With the exact code you posted, I’m getting different results:

I want exactly that!
I’m using the build 15046.

Do you need some specific logs ?
Thank you !

Getting the same

It seems that there is a settings somewhere…
@FuseTools team, do you need our XCode project? or anything else?
I’m running MacOS 10.13.2 (17C88), XCode 9.2, Fuse 15046.
Thank you all!

Hi @thomas found the problem you need to add the Iphone X Launch Images toy your build

here is a quick fix to replace your LaunchImage.launchimage

Thank you, I will try this and keep the forum informed.

Thank you! It works. Do you know if there is a way to do it permanently? If I run ‘uno clean’, it will delete these assets and I will have to replace them manually. This is not very convenient.
Thank you again.

Ok I think, I found the answer here in the topic iOS.LaunchImages :