CameraRoll tries to get image before asking

Fuse 1.6.1
MacOS Sierra (pretty sure it also happens in high sierra)

When using Fuse.Cameraroll the app tries getting the images before asking permission and fails, then it asks and the second time works great.

Please see video

Here is the code:

	var CameraRoll = require("FuseJS/CameraRoll");

	function cameraRoll(){
		.then(function(image) {
			// Will be called if the user successfully selected an image.
		}, function(error) {
			// Will be called if the user aborted the selection or if an error occurred.

	module.exports = {cameraRoll}
	<StackPanel ItemSpacing="20" Alignment="Center" >
		<Button Text="CameraRoll" Clicked="{cameraRoll}" />

This happens both simulator and device.
Probably not a Fuse bug, I don’t know…

Update: After some googling I found out Apple made a small change regarding this. Apperently there are now two keys the must be in the info.plist file.

Articles I found, in case it helps:

Update 2:

<Extensions Backend="CPlusPlus" Condition="iOS">
	<Require Xcode.Plist.Element>
			<string>add usage</string>

Does not solve it

Final Update:

Please ignore, I just found the same issue posted on Github: