iOS Like UINavigationController

Hi Guys,

I know you must have thought of this and have it already planned, but i think this should go on the top of teh list, I have tested the pages example, but honestly animation+transition is not quite there yet, and managing view hierarchy is little complex and can get messy. I tested few combinations myself, but still not happy with the looks and feel, that was one of teh thing that led me to drop phone gap because even though all app logic can work amazing well, animation+transition always seemed crappy and do not deliver teh Native look and feel.

Thank you guys for this amazing product, I love it and can’t wait for Foreign Code feature to show up. will make our lives so much easy.


Hi :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback, you are raising some important points. We sure need to deal with the Navigation situation, and yes it is planned :slight_smile: