Smooth animation for swipe-back


I’m trying to use a combination of HierarchicalNavigation and SwipeNavigate behaviors in order to achieve a “Swipe-Back” gesture like you would find on an iOS UINavigationController.

The code works fine, but the animation doesn’t look good: when the gesture ends, the rest of the animation (to complete the navigation) won’t keep the velocity introduced by the user, and will start from scratch. This gives the impression is 2-tiered instead of being continuous.

I found references to something called SmoothSnap, that may or may not be what I’m looking for… But I don’t think it has been documented yet.


We have an ticket on file for this that when fixed will make it more iOS-like.

We are also working on implementing a Navigator class that will give you direct access to the native navigators in each platform (i.e. UINavigationController in iOS). Stay tuned !

Thanks for the quick reply! I look forward to giving it a try in an upcoming release.