IOS crash when I load this image

Hi, My app is connected to a movie database but when I search a movie that have this photo the apps crash! And in Xcode I get a error of invalid Jpeg reading.

Im sure that this problem is going to repeat with other photos.

I dont understand what have this photo. In my mac the app works fine with this image and I can open the image if I open it with Safari or Chrome.


That image is actually a png with an incorrect file extension. Photoshop also refuses to open it unless it’s renamed to .png

This is correct. It’s apparent when you look at the file properties and EXIF data:

This also happens on Android!! Do you know how to help me with this?
It would be very nice to have the APP still running and don’t crash if the image have wrong extension or is damage or the image don’t load still.

My App load many images at a time and many times crash


I just tried, but I can’t reproduce this problem, the image loads just fine for me on Android. Do you have a reproduction case that I can try?

I have de same problem with .jpg and .png image format since last Fuse update (0.25.5). help please wrote:

I have de same problem with .jpg and .png image format since last Fuse update (0.25.5). help please

You need to provide a reproduction case if you want help with this.

hello, Sorry for being late, this is my code (for android):

and this are errors (from monitor) :


and insid my devise preview (android), this is what i have:


thanks for help.

You’ll need to provide code as code, not screenshots. :slight_smile:


in my MainView.ux file

	<Router ux:Name="router" />
	<Navigator DefaultTemplate="Welcome">
		<Welcome ux:Template="Welcome" router="router" />

and in my Welcome.ux file

<Panel ux:Class="Welcome">
	<Router ux:Dependency="router" />
		var d = [
		module.exports = {

			<Panel Background="Red" Height="50" Dock="Top" Margin="0,0,0,0">
				<Text Value="Test Img Render" Alignment="Center" FontSize="20" />
							<Each Items="{d}" Count="4">
								<Image File="{pic}" Height="180" StretchMode="PixelPrecise">
									<Text Value="{desc}" TextWrapping="Wrap" Alignment="CenterLeft" FontSize="15" Margin="30,0,0,0" />

What you’re experiencing here has little to do with the issue discussed in this thread, so please start a new thread instead of resurrecting this one. And we would also need to see your unoproj-file and image files to know what the issue would be. My guess would be forgetting to add the images to the unoproj-files.