Incremental Build Support for Xcode

I noticed that when using the fuse build -t=iOS the project is overridden each time. It would be nice to be able to only update the source files derived from the fuse source files (.ux, .js, etc.). The problem is when integrating other Frameworks into my Xcode project like Crashlytics/Fabric, which I add after the build is completely wiped clean of my changes in subsequent builds. This also effects and Run Scripts I add to the Build Phases or any other .xcodeproj configurations, like Code Signing, Bundle Identifier, etc.

If the actual project settings could remain intact it would make deployment so much easier. Thank you!

Hey Iksnae,

Thanks for your suggestion! This is a good idea, and something that we’ve discussed internally. The way I’m thinking it might work in the future is that the build products of dependencies such as the Fuse libraries can be cached such that we have to rebuild only the current project on each build — basically what you’re suggesting.

I don’t think there’s a timeframe for this feature as it’s a rather big change, but rest assured that it’s something we’re thinking about. We’d also love faster builds!