Lerning fuse

Hi, i am wonder, is there any book to lern fuse ? I am asking because i trying to make some app, i try to lern fuse but it is not easy :confused: Everybody here are experts compare to me, where you guys lern all this thngs ? From documentation ? I am reading documentation and i dont know how to use it :confused: i feel stupid, i know some java script, i know php, i know autoit language and i thought fyse will be easy for me but it is not. Any advice how to lern fuse ?

The old “docs” of Fuse were not really docs compare to the new docs, but it was kind of a learning guide. I love the new docs, but hopefully Fuse does decide to create a guide somewhat like the old one. I know the fuse team probably doesn’t want me promoting the old “docs” as a way of learning but it was a good guide for starting off, compare to the new docs. The only thing is that the old “docs/guide” is pretty outdated so there will be plenty that will not work, so check the new docs for things you find that don’t work. Here’s the old “docs” (guide)

Hey perhaps you’ll be the first to write a book on learning to create apps with Fuse.

Edwin: you are right - promoting old, deprecated and removed docs is a bad idea and you shouldn’t do that. In fact, saying “follow the old docs until things don’t work, then look it up in the new docs” is horrible advice. :slight_smile:

As for learning Fuse, following our new tutorial series is the recommended way: https://www.fusetools.com/docs/tutorial/tutorial

It offers a soft landing to anyone new to Fuse, and builds up your knowledge and experimentation gradually.

@Bent Stamnes